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Interested in selling your property through an auction process? You came to the right place.

The principals of RealPro Realty have been part of many Absolute and Reserve Auctions over the years. What separates a traditional sale from an Auction Sale is Urgency.
A property is offered at auction and scheduled to sell within a defined number of days. At the end of that period of time, the property will be sold.
Usually, a marketing strategy for auctions is centered on a 45 days aggressive advertising. At the end of the 45 days, the day of the auction, the property will be sold to the highest bidder.
In an absolute auction, the property is sold regardless of the price.

In a reserve auction, the reserve price is pre-determined and may or may not be advertised or disclosed to the bidders, depending on the auction's house techniques.
Either way, the process is extremely aggressive and the job of the auctioneer is to bring the largest amount of bidders to the auction.

It is called bringing the market to the property.

Jon Foege, broker and owner of RealPro Realty is a licensed auctioneer in FL and TX.

For information on Auctioning your property, call Jon today@ 305-439-6584

Bonita Bay Absolute Auction

Brantley Plantation-357 acres-N. FL






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